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Thai Massage with Herbal Ball

Thai Massage with Herbal Ball


What is a Thai herbal ball massage? 

It is a massage therapy that targets pain relief and inflammation in the muscles. Thai herbal ball massage also restores the balance of the body’s qi. The Thai herbal ball treatment uses a mix of 6 or more herbs wrapped in cotton cloth. It’s heated and then used as a tool to work the knots in the tight muscles of the body. The therapy is ideal for treating muscle pains and arthritis especially during cold weather and for treating upper respiratory conditions.


Thai Herbal Ball Massage Benefits

  1. Helps heal bruised, sore muscles and ligaments.  

  2. Relaxation and relief to recharge your energies.

  3. Improves lymph drainage and blood circulation.

  4. Clean, heal, and strengthens the skin.

  5. Aids in healing upper respiratory ailments.

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